SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

Buy SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition delivers innovative security and compliance features, industry-leading performance, mission-critical availability, and advanced analytics for all your data workloads, now with built-in support for big data.

SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

The SQL Server 2019 Standard edition is part of the latest version of the Relational Data Management System from Microsoft. SQL Server 2019 Standard edition brings unprecedented security and compliance features, exceptional performance, mission-critical availability, and advanced analytics for all your data workloads, now with built-in big data support.

Structured data: The SQL Server 2019 standard not only supports the commonly used relational database model. This software can also process non-relational, structured, and non-structured data. This gives you various options that contribute to a total gain in knowledge.

Flexible integration: The server is also characterized by a high level of flexibility. It can be perfectly integrated into different environments. Whether your company runs your servers with Windows or Linux – the SQL Server 2019 standard enables quick and easy installation.

Simple evaluation: Microsoft’s SQL Server 2019 standard supports you in precisely evaluating business data. It enables a detailed review of all information. The software contributes to a well-founded decision-making process. In addition, it helps to speed it up. This way, you can react immediately to any development.

SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition software is a reliable, efficient, intelligent data management platform ready for the most demanding and demanding business applications. Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition is a cost-effective option for small to medium-sized organizations. The Standard Edition offers essential data management, reporting, and business intelligence functions in IT infrastructures with low resource loads and non-critical workflows. SQL Server 2019 Standard delivers best-in-class application usability and manageability,

With the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition, you are well-prepared and equipped to work with large databases. Whether large databases reach over a terabyte, or a central entry point for your data collection, you are well served with this program. Cloud services and data centers can also be set up without any complications, as well as many other useful functions available to you.

Why Microsoft SQL Server 2019?

In times of increased digitization, where data collection is becoming increasingly important, especially in the professional field, a suitable tool for storing, storing, and processing large databases is essential. It does not matter whether it is a company, an authority, or even a private individual. The recorded data can be evaluated in the form of statistics or process flows and thus saved in an SQL database. These large amounts of data are also called BIG DATA. Above all, medium-sized and larger companies, Internet providers, or data centers benefit from the possibilities. This collected information can be recorded internally via a cloud but also externally and secured by databases. This is particularly beneficial for companies that work in different locations. It doesn’t matter whether the data is collected online or offline. The server operating system 2016/2019, Windows 10 or Windows 11 is required to operate Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard.

How does a SQL server work?

An SQL server usually works by entering and storing the database data in the data fields of a database using an external acquisition program. Suppose you take a merchandise management system as an example. In that situation, a database is constructed in SQL server, simultaneously defining the data fields to connect each article number to its respective article description and price. When data is recorded in this way, it can be analyzed and processed.

Important innovations

The important and noteworthy innovations and functions include faster database recovery and Linux support. Furthermore, the program is supported by UTF 8 and Java and has brilliant performance. You have a maximum of 128 GB Ram per instance and can use up to 24 cores per CPU.

Licensing and Activation

By purchasing a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 version, you get the program’s activation, but to be able to use it fully, you need the right license. To get the right license for your SQL server, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Buy Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard:

After purchasing Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard, you will receive the product key to unlock the software. We send this product key by email, so there are no shipping costs. The product key allows you to download and install the Office apps from Microsoft. The programs can then be used immediately. In most cases, the entire purchase process only takes a few minutes, so we can guarantee a convenient and quick transaction. If you have difficulties, you can contact our support anytime, who will be happy to help you.

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