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Webtech Nepal’s primary goal is to build high-quality, reliable, and affordable web applications for clients worldwide. Our professional team is well-versed in a wide range of technologies to meet a modern business’s needs.

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As the leading web application development company in Nepal, Webtech Nepal promises to offer the best services and solutions for each industry.

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Webtech Nepal is a web application development company in Kathmandu, Nepal. To meet our client’s businesses’ unique needs, we create intelligent web applications. Our web app solutions are ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises by streamlining and automating routine tasks.

With our tailored web application solutions, we at Webtech Nepal aim to boost your business’s overall efficiency and output. We consider the client’s business model and how it operates before making novel recommendations for improving its operations. To create a web app that helps your company save time and money while increasing its return on investment, we follow a well-thought-out strategy and implement your feedback.

Webtech Nepal helps you carry out a seamless integration of your business and external processes. Our application design and development services let you control data flow to produce the most flexible and extensible app possible, optimized for your business. Following your company’s specifications, we design, build and release web applications that are precise, reliable, and fruitful. Our top priority is ensuring that our web applications are both simple and inexpensive to run and update.

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Webtech Nepal is a software and website development company in Nepal that can transform your ideas into a new force that drives your organization.


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The most common questions customers have

Web Application Development FAQs

There is no fixed cost, to put it simply. The cost of making an app depends on what you want, how many resources you need, and how complicated the app is. You can’t know the exact cost, but you can get an idea of what it might be. Get in touch with our team to tell us about your project or unique idea. Once you tell us everything about the project, like what kind of app or website it is, what functions you want it to have, designs, and any other needs, we can give you a rough estimate.

No. Our process is clear to everyone. We discuss what the project needs, look at the resources, and tell you how much it will cost. Once you hire the team, use our resources, discuss the budget, and agree to move forward with the development process, we’ll stick to the terms we discussed. As one of the best web development companies in Australia, we keep our promises and make sure that the whole process is transparent.

Yes. We give our clients a dedicated developer or developers based on what their project needs. In addition to developers, clients can also use our IT infrastructures and other resources to avoid any disruptions to their workflow.

We work closely with our clients and ensure they know what’s happening at all times. If you don’t like the first designs or aren’t happy with them, our team will keep working with you or your team to make changes and develop a new design. As Nepal’s top web development company, we want to give you web development services that make you very happy.

Yes, we’re here to help you whenever you need it. Even after your app or website has been built and put online, our team will help you and offer complete maintenance and support services. We’ll take care of things like adding new features, improving security, and more. So, don’t worry about any problems or issues; we’ve covered you.

Yes, without a doubt. All of Webtech’s clients sign a Non-disclosure agreement to protect the information they share with the company. We are Nepal’s most trusted Web Application Development Company, which is why our clients depend on us.

Check out the terms and conditions we have for our clients below:
– A strict NDA and a contract with the jurisdiction.
– Work for Hire, in which you own the intellectual property rights to your project or app.
– We don’t reuse or sell your code/data.
– 100% transparent process.
– In-house project team that will prototype, design, develop, test, and gets your app approved on the Google Play store.
– All the projects are covered by a third party, including a strong team that can help you scale up or down based on how your business grows.
– No outsourcing of designs, development, maintenance, or support to a third party.

Our website application development company uses a five-step process to make web apps:

– Gathering requirements – Our team acquires and comprehends your requirements.
– Planning the project. This includes coming up with several use cases and tracking down requirements.
– Product design: After that, our designers look at the needs and develop designs that meet those needs.
– App Development: During the app development stage, our mobile app developers write code, make test cases, and fix bugs.
– Maintenance and Support: We’ll update the app and help people use it even after it’s built.

Here are some of the best ways to bring on a web app development company:

– Pay attention to what your project or brand has to offer.
– Check to see if the company building the web app is familiar with the essential features and functions.
– Talk about making apps your own.
– Ask for permissions or access to the data.
– All required paperwork should be filled out and checked twice.
– It’s essential to get and write down all the needed information.

How long it takes to make an app depends on what you want it to do.
It takes 4 to 5 months to build a front-end app and back-end infrastructure. But if the project is massive, it could take many more months. If the team already has some parts made, the project could be done and changed in three months.

Contact our web application development company to get an estimation of the duration.

It’s not easy to hire a company that makes web apps. You need to choose the right one if you want your idea to come to life. So, if you’re going to hire web application developers, keep the following things in mind when looking into app development agencies:

– Find out more about the agencies. Find out everything you need to know about companies that make web apps.
– Find out about the mobile app developers’ past work, clients, and other information.
– Look at the company’s past work.
– See if they have a clear way of making things and talking about them.
– Find out what kind of technology they have.

Professional web application development companies have large teams of developers who work well together and can handle simple and complex app development processes. This gives you an edge in the market.
Before you hire a company to make a web app, think about the following:

– The service should have a strong position in the market and a wide range of skills.
– The steps they take to grow should be clear.
– The core tech staff of the company should have a wide range of skills and do well in clear roles.
– The company that makes web apps should follow strict coding standards.

They should have a way to talk to each other that is open and clear.

How much it costs to hire web application developers depends on the type of team you choose and how many developers you need. The cost of the dedicated team might be a little higher than the cost of the regular team.

Depending on the developer and the web app development company, the hourly rate for a developer could be anywhere from $25 to $100.

Web application developers can choose from several web development frameworks on the market. Here are some of the best technologies for making web apps:

– Node.js
– React.js
– Vue.js
– Laravel
– and more

Most software development companies can tailor their teams to fit shorter deadlines. This, of course, raises the hourly rate. Offshore businesses, particularly, tend to have extra workers because they are so cheap. This gives them a lot of flexibility regarding the size of the project teams.

When you outsource software development, you also save time and energy that would have been spent on hiring, training, and building a team.

– It doesn’t cost much to make a web app.
– Development times are getting shorter.
– They can hire programmers who are the best in the business.
– It is easy for them to pay attention to the User Experience.
– They get something out of what the government does.
– It is possible to be flexible at work.
– There are fewer dangers.
– The latest and greatest technology.
– Got better at using several platforms.

Reach out to us if you want to work with the best company for making website apps.

As a company with a lot of knowledge and experience in making web applications, we use the best technologies for your project. These are JavaScript, PHP, Vue, Node.js, React.js, and more.

When choosing a company to build website applications, think about the following:

– A lot of experience in the field and the right skills to understand all client needs.
– The development process is clear and easy to understand.
– Transparent communication process.
– Powerful technology that makes web apps strong, fast, and easy to use.
– A big group of people who make web apps.

Our company which makes web applications offers the following web development services:

– Web application development services.
– Web development services for eCommerce
– Laravel web development
– Custom enterprise web development

Our company that makes web apps has the following types:

– Fixed Price Engagement Model:
– Non-fixed Price: Time and Materials
– Non-fixed Price: Cost Plus
– Non-fixed Price: Dedicated Team/Dedicated Development Center

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a company to make a web app for you.

– Not Making Sure the Expertise
– Putting price ahead of ability.
– Failing to understand how vital business knowledge is
– Not testing how well they can explain complicated ideas.
– Not making sure who owns the source code.

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