Using social media as business promotion tools

Using social media as business promotion tools

Using social media as business promotion tools

Webtech Nepal Aug 18, 2020 3 MINS READ 475 views

Using social media as business promotion tools

It’s quite common that people know very well how to use social media for personal stuff, but they often get confused when it comes to business promotion. Well, they don’t know how and what to post or tweet on the social channels to hit the right audience. The main logic behind each post should be to involve the customer as much as possible and reduce the bounce rate from the same way.

So for now we are elaborating the essential tips that any layman can follow to get the best traffic from their social media profiles. One by one every I will be putting light on each social media platform :

FACEBOOK : The foremost important platform that is being accessed by each and every individual. It’s quiet easy to get traffic from Facebook but again you need to be very specific and choosy in some cases. Create the facebook fan page, focus on the service or the product you are going to sale but keep in mind don’t post too much and frequently as FAN often get frustrated with too many post. Post in a such way that each post is countable. They must be valuable to your audience & include the relevant content they are looking for.

Few tips for Facebook posting :

  • Do minimum 3*per week post
  • Do maximum 10* per week post
  • Focus on quality not on quantity

TWITTER : Referred as TREND SETTER platform which peek out the trending topics among the audience. As compared to facebook it’s tricky to use. It’s quiet fast effective way to communicate and reach your audience. You can share more as it’s fast pace of conversation. You can easily share the content written manually or curated by other resources.

Few tips for TWITTER posting :

  • Do minimum 5*per day
  • No limit
  • Focus on quality as well as quantity

LINKEDIN – Best platform for building reputation, it can be best referred as business social media platform. It’s low volume but high value social network. Apart from all above platform this should be taken serious as you can’t post any useless news on this as this will be professional picture about your firm or service. So focus to share content about your firm & service. You can even post interesting facts, stats or tips about your business.

Few tips for LINKEDIN posting :

  • Do minimum 2*per week
  • Do maximum 5* per week
  • Focus on technical content & be formal

GOOGLE+ : Google+ is among the best social media network which allow you to follow all the contact in you listing and target the audience location wise. It’s best tool to make Google feel your presence. The way you post the way audience & Google will respond to you. Just focus on more content, keywords and expertise to index your business.

Few tips for GOOGLE+ posting :

  • Do minimum 3*per week
  • Do maximum 10* per week
  • Focus on relevant keywords to increase your Google search

PINTEREST : It is considered as personalized media platform used to share photo’s and content related to your business or service. User are allowed to browse the relevant content easily, so while using this for business promotion focus on pinning the pictures or content with relevant keywords. Use the customer attractive videos & images with right keywords. Don’t forget to leave link in each post.

Few tips for PINTEREST posting :

  • Do minimum 5*per day
  • Do maximum 10*per day
  • Focus on quality & keyword

We hope above mentioned point may help you in your business promotion, but still, if you want any help regarding social media channel usage then please contact Webtech Nepal social media team as we have blessed with expertise in this field.