Why Invest in Quality Web Design?

Why Invest in Quality Web Design?

Why Invest in Quality Web Design?

Webtech Nepal May 21, 2021 319 views

Why Invest in Quality Web Design?

Establishing an online presence doesn’t end with the creation of a website. Numerous factors affect the performance of a website, and one of them is web design. Since it is one of the fundamentals of your online identity, you should make it is appropriately done.

Max Funding’s finance advisor Shane Perry believes that web design can make or break your business performance. He says,” Web design influences how your target audience sees you. With the right mix of visual elements, user-friendly interface, and speed, you can turn visitors into customers. Of course, not all of us are equipped with the skills and experience in creating a good website. Thankfully, there are lots of web design agencies willing to help businesses of all sizes.”

Read on to fully understand how vital quality web design is for any business:

Creates the First Impression

It only takes a few seconds for consumers to form a judgment about your business. A study discovered that 75% of consumers rate a business’ credibility based on visual elements alone. Therefore, your web design must fully reflect your company values. The moment a consumer lands on your site, the aesthetics must trigger the right emotions that can lead to conversion.

Supports SEO Campaign

Recently, Google has implemented new algorithms that will affect rankings. They declared that the Core Web Vitals will now become highly considered ranking factors.

If you’re working on any search engine optimization campaign, you know the SEO factors to pay attention to. Google is using three types of metrics that are related to web design. These include:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)– the time it takes for content to load completely
  • First Input Delay (FID)– the time it takes for a webpage to become interactive
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)– the quantity of unanticipated layout shift of visual content on a page

These may sound complicated, but they can be enhanced with a well-designed website.

Improves User Experience

Quality Web Design Improves User Experience

The Core Web Vitals mentioned earlier are user-centered, which means Google wants all websites to emphasize user experience.

A quality web design in Nepal can serve as your advantage against competitors. Consumers are prioritizing convenience now over many other factors when making a purchase online. Therefore, no matter how competitive your pricing is, consumers will still buy from other websites if your transaction is complicated.

Most professional web designers apply Hick’s Law, which dictates that time it takes to decide should be directly proportional to the number of options available. The goal is to reduce the number of options to simplify the decision-making process. You can start by merging similar products or services under one category.

The pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in consumer behavior with millions of people have become first-time online shoppers last year. Many businesses have closed their storefronts and move to the digital space, while others are investing more in their online presence. To stand out in the competition, contact Webtech Nepal for affordable website design and development.