How Your Small Business Can Benefit from eCommerce?

How Your Small Business Can Benefit from eCommerce?

How Your Small Business Can Benefit from eCommerce?

Webtech Nepal Jun 09, 2022 3 MINS READ 708 views

How Your Small Business Can Benefit from eCommerce?

Research suggests that the e-commerce industry is expected to make 22% of global retail sales by 2023. That being said, it’s practical to start working on your online store as soon as possible.

E-Commerce has transformed the world of businesses, and it has become more evident since the pandemic started. The accessibility of creating and running an e-commerce platform means small companies can be just as expansive as large corporations. And many small businesses can prove that.

But how is this possible? Read on to understand the power of eCommerce.

Reaches A Wider Customer Base

The most apparent benefit of having a website is probably reachability. With a brick-and-mortar store, your customer base is limited to those who live in the locality. But with an online store, you are restricted by geography. You can reach customers across the globe—anytime!

Even if you’re still not offering international shipping, it helps to be seen by a broader audience. Your business is already in the audience’s mind once you’re ready to ship there.

Cheaper Marketing (sometimes FREE!)

Ecommerce website platforms are also offering cheaper or free marketing options for small businesses. Traditional marketing isn’t usually economical because TV ads, billboards, and flyers/posters cost thousands. Thankfully, the internet has various routes to gain an advantage on the playing field.

As of today, there are already 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. So, if your business isn’t on social media yet, make it a priority to get started today. Being active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can boost your popularity—and the best thing about this is that social media is FREE.

If you have some budget, consider using the ads to drive up sales. According to a survey, 48% of social media users bought something after seeing an ad.

Furthermore, personalizing a marketing campaign is also more accessible online. You can use various tools to target customers based on their age, gender, location, preferences, and even the ads or website they currently visited. Then, you can set the day and time when these ads will appear on their timeline. You can also do the same with newsletters.

More Personalised Service

Karina Wolfin, Direct Appliance Rentals Marketing Director, reminds small businesses of the impact of personalization. She says, “Many studies show that customers are drawn to brands that offer them personalized services. Fortunately, e-commerce platforms offer personalization opportunities. As your customer navigates the store, you learn more about them. Which products they click on, what colors they prefer, when they tend to buy, etc. You can use these data to tailor effective ads and inventory.”

It’s also essential to create a user-friendly interface. Aim to reduce the number of actions customers must take to complete a transaction. Design your website in a way that professionally presents your business. If you’re not confident with your skills, contact an experienced web design company.

Easier Ways to Sell

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Overall, eCommerce makes the process of selling a lot easier. Customers don’t need to visit your actual store and explore the isles for the product they need. They don’t need to look for a staff who can check the availability or come back to check if the item is already available.

They just have to use the search button in your online store and check the variations. You may also integrate a feature that informs customers via email if new stocks are available.

If you’re offering services, you may set a booking section and upload videos on your previous projects.

Having your own website used to be intimidating. It seemed like something exclusive for large businesses. But things have changed in the past decade. With various eCommerce platforms offering affordable solutions, small businesses can now access more opportunities.

If you’re still not joining the eCommerce revolution, we’re hoping that the benefits we pointed out can convince you to invest more in your online presence.

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