How to protect website from Hackers and secure it?

How to protect website from Hackers and secure it?

Your website is valuable for you and you need to protect your website from hackers. Hence note all the below points to secure your website.

The infected files affect your account for various reasons like:

  • poor/compromised account/FTP password, which allows hackers to guess the password [or use brute-force tools and get unauthorized access.
  • user’s computer infected by viruses, which is controlled by hackers. In this situation, customer’s uploads also get infected.
  • poor scripts, which allows hackers to insert various malformed queries and remotely execute the code and perform an intended action
  • Virus affected theme selection for the application
  • Installing application which is downloaded from third-party websites; mainly not genuine sites.

We recommend you remove all these malware-infected files permanently from your hosting account.

Also please do the following steps periodically.

  • Protect your cPanel authentication by using a difficult password, which only you or your client knows.
  • Do not make your cPanel password public.
  • While uploading any data from your local PC, scan it with any anti-virus software.
  • Change the passwords for all the email accounts.
  • Make sure that you are always installing applications/themes/plugins etc from authorized resources.
  • It is best to scan your computer for Malware using the Malwarebytes software to remove any malicious pieces of software that may be the culprit.
  • Update any application installed to the latest stable version.
  • Remove the script and unwanted scripts/plugins/addon installed.
  • Upgrade scripts/plugins/addon installed to the latest stable version.

Please make sure to reset all your passwords including, the client area password. CPanel password. FTP passwords etc.

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