Free Web Hosting Migration with Webtech Nepal

Free Web Hosting Migration with Webtech Nepal

Free Web Hosting Migration with Webtech Nepal

Webtech Nepal Dec 08, 2022 2 MINS READ 575 views

Free Web Hosting Migration with Webtech Nepal

The performance of your website and its availability to users are directly influenced by the web hosting business you use. Your search rankings will suffer, and your website’s traffic will decrease if you have to host that is either slow or unreliable. This is where Webtech Nepal comes in; we are pleased to provide hosting services that are both quick and dependable for a wide variety of websites, including those belonging to businesses, personal blogs, and online stores. You will never need to be concerned about downtime or slow load times when you use Webtech Nepal web hosting.

The procedure can be challenging and complex if you have never migrated a website before; even a single mistake or missing file might render the website inoperable. The website migration service provided by Webtech Nepal removes the possibility of such a happening. Your data will always be protected, thanks to our highly trained specialists’ usage of a secure data transfer technique, a full backup, and comprehensive testing procedures.

We at Webtech Nepal know the impact that downtime can have on the traffic and money generated by your website. During the migration, we will ensure that your website continues to function normally and is accessible to visitors. Because your customers can still use the site, you will be aware of all potential leads, sales, and earnings.

How to Migrate Your Website to Webtech Nepal for Free?

Changing hosting providers may be complicated, and our staff knows this fact. As a result, we take significant measures to simplify this transition for you by following a four-step process.

Step 1: Sign up for a Webtech hosting package

Pick the hosting plan that fits your needs well. Don’t hesitate to ask our customer service staff for guidance; we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the plan that best suits your website and your financial constraints.

Step 2: Provide access to your website

Contact our migration team and grant us access to your website so that we can complete the migration. This makes it possible for us to copy the site’s files. At this point, your work is done; we will take a backup from here.

Step 3: Wait for Migration to Complete

The process of migration can typically finish within a few days. You won’t experience any hiccups in service because your website will remain online and operational throughout the entire process.

Step 4: Complete the Setup of Your Email Account

After our team has mapped your current email settings to your new Webtech Nepal hosting service and walked you through the speedy setup procedure, you can return to work immediately.

What kind of websites do we migrate?

The Webtech Nepal migration service is available for the following types of websites:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Custom HTML
  • Web applications
  • Laravel